Saturday, 21 March 2009

TOTW12: Animal Collective - My Girls

I can't remember if I've mentioned Yeah Yeah Yeahs before. I've a feeling I must have done, but haven't got time to search... They've been around for ages (founded in 2000), but are still very much a niche band. So, here they are singing about a new flavour of a well known soft drink - Zero. An unusual sound - powerful, yet fast paced.

Too fake by Hockey doesn't seem to start like a song. Croaky voice, tuneless - but then it gets to the chorus. How catchy is that? Reminiscent of something that I can't quite place - but definitely an anthemic and rousing little number.

Going back to NYC (where the Yeah Yeah Yeahs hail from) though for the TOTW, Animal Collective are described as "avant-guard music collective". Each record may feature a different line-up, which is novel. This 6 minute extended edit of My Girls takes a little while to get going, but the twisted fantasy background music is mesmerising it its own way. Regular readers will know that a key feature of songs I love is "something different" - and I can't think of anything that really compares to this. Some may find it a tad repetitive, but I do feel that it builds to something.

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