Saturday, 10 May 2008

Comma, then space

Asp Bites' Tunes of the Week 2008 - #19

After my exams in June, I'll be watching the Zutons perform in Delamere forest as part of the "Forest Tour" musical events. Well, I say watching, I'll be on SJA duties - but I'm still looking forward to it. Always Right Behind You is the first single of their latest album (physical release May 26th), and proves that watching them live will be worthwhile.

Falling out of reach is what I would consider to be more 'classic' Guillemots than (TOTW 13) Get over it. It's smooth, melancholy, and a potential TOTW before it's release on May 26th.

Another former TOTW - TOTW7 as it happens - is Beth Rowley. On May 19th, So Sublime will be available for purchase - and it's catchy with a decent 'bounce'

Two songs though that really are having the implantation effect, which is brilliant, so they can be the TOTWs

I can't stop singing the latest from Vampire Weekend, Oxford Comma. I'm not entirely sure what it is about the song that I simply adore. It builds perfectly, has a nice instrumental - musically it's a brilliant little song, and it's out on the 26th.

With pure retro though, Space and the Woods is by Late of the Pier. It's another I first heard on Roundtable, and commented then I think it was the tune to a game on my Commodore 64. I know a lot of people think that this 80s Retro is getting a bit lame. However, like all things, when it's done well, it's worth listening to. And I really think this is. 19th May release for it

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