Wednesday, 14 May 2008

In a change to the published listings

Sadly, no guest unsung this week as was planned - I'll try and get that sorted for a fortnight's time instead. As an alternative though, there's still plenty of bands that I'm keen to mention, so there's nothing lost!

I feel that Apollo Bay is a bit hit-and-miss. The first track on his myspace, Broken Song a Future Past starts with some bewildering humming and no real tune. I could easily have stopped right there, just as others felt:
"The first tune, Home, almost had me switching off, as it begins with ameturish noises and a melody that sounds so many people who buy a synth and think they can become Soft Cell."
- Rick Fulton, Daily Record
Then you can contrast that with songs like I feel Disaster, which is dark and mysterious - and very enticing. Think with Me shows good vocal talents; whereas Untitled is certainly a good song (simple, smooth, and meaningful), but I think the wrong voice is singing it. If Anthony Hegarty was singing it instead, it's quite possible I'd love it.
I'd say it's worth a listen at the very least - it's clear that there's a talented producer and songwriter behind the work. However, I'm afraid it's not album-buying stuff because the quality does vary to such an extent.

I referred back to my Commodore64 with reference to Late of the Pier in the last TOTW. With Crimewave Remix by!ippa, I'm reminded instead of jumping on toadstools with my Gameboy.
As far as I can tell, they're not as much writers but more 'mixers'. Which isn't something I've ever featured on 'Bites before, but that's because I tend to class such music as secondary to the song itself. Maybe it's because I don't recognise most of the tunes, but on this occasion I have to say I liked it. OK, Diamonds to Interzone is obviously based on Atlantis to Interzone by the Klaxons, but even that's enjoyable - and is less of a mix but more of a basis as an individual approach to the same beginnings.
For some reason, they've listed themselves as "indie" - but the style of music to me seems more 90s dance. Dance music isn't the sort of thing I listen to, but after several cheeky vimtos it is this sort of music with a good beat that'll get me to the dance floor (that and cheeze). So, my test for "Is it good dance music?" is "Could I see myself getting carried away in the atmosphere at a club with this as the music?". For!ippa, the answer is yes.

Luckyhorse remind me of a band or two - but I can't quite put my finger on it (any ideas?). It's nice, simplistic, country-based guitar music, and it couldn't offend anyone. Dignity is the main track, and what I heard on Tom Robinson's Introducing show - and it's definitely good stuff. Sit back and enjoy it during the pleasant weather.

Finally this week, I want to mention another "Introducing" artist. Roxy Rawson has a very similar vocal style to a lot of the female singers that are proliferating the charts at the minute. However, unlike most, you can hear her singing. Her songs include her and her violin. The Independent on Sunday (no less) has described her as "bewitching". I couldn't agree more. An established artist who perhaps is happy staying under the music radar. Which I think makes it even more special to listen to.

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Apollo Bay said...

Hey. Thanks for the comment. I just read the blog. Fair enough, i'm happy you like 'I Feel Disaster' and 'Think With Me'. The other songs on there are demos of songs that I have to come, which i've been sidetracked doing them whilst recording my album.
I think that made sense:)
I'd like to send you my album when it is done, maybe it'll make more sense as a whole. I hope:)

Thank you again and take care
Apollo x