Saturday, 24 May 2008

Today's the day...

An annual event where Europe decide to point and laugh at the world of popular music as it's developed across the 20th century. We'd have hoped that this would have failed to make it into the 21st century, but sadly it's made it - and it's even lost it's cynical charm...or has it?

Oh, I haven't spelt it out yet for those who need a little help - it's the Eurovision Song Contest of course. Those who can't stomach the jockular attempts at music for the first 15 hours, could tune in for the last hour (or if they were forced to endure the derogatory harmonies, casio quality production standards of the worst of every nation that's not actually in Europe but some broadcasting union which 'makes it alright' for them to be there) - to watch the politically charged voting.

Hilarious in itself, either the concept that Greece voting for Cyprus, but giving nothing to Turkey actually stems from some political order - how foolish we'd look in post atomic horror, if it the documentation was discovered that the Earth's surface had been 98% decimated because France wasn't happy with it's nil points from Spain one year.

However, even that's spoiled by phone in votes - instead of a panel of judges in each country (who gets that job?!) - we leave it to the ill-informed public (and their own political agendas) to decide. Of course, these days we can doubt whether these votes themselves were actually counted - who was to get the glorious douze points was decided by this secret panel of wise broadcasting officials beforehand. It's great to leave public opinion to make the call these days - it'll be well worth seeing if Austria's entry, Josef - racks up a good score for his entry "Let's go down to the cellar".

On to your ear saving moment - this is one of those events where for some reason - the United Kingdom isn't broken up into it's deconstituted components - quite probably because in this individual case, Scotland doesn't give a ****.

So I leave you with the freshly recorded version from the Americana influenced supergroup (whom you'll all hate by the end of the year after they're doused in NME hype - but who cares anyway) - Glasvegas - Think the Jesus & Mary Chain fronted by a Joe Strummer lookalike who grew up with the Proclaimers!

Glasvegas - Geraldine

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