Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The letter A

In considering starting this new blog, I knew that I'd need something more than just the TOTW and then Unsung every other week.

Obviously, I've got album and gig reviews - with a number of contributors also adding their own reviews (if you want to join in - drop me an e-mail - link on the main blog). However, they're going to - by their very nature - be somewhat haphazard.

So, another feature needed to be created.

And, thinking that a fortnightly feature can last a year by looking at the 26 letters of the alphabet, I thought that was a reasonable place to start.

Songs beginning with the letter "A". There's lots of them, I'm sure - but a few that immediately spring to mind.
I think some of them couldn't be considered as the 'best'. Such as the mellow sounds of Belle & Sebastian. I think it's brilliant - but does everyone? Will it be memorable in several years?

It's got to be long-term stamina that must be considered. Songs that we're still able to sing years after they were released.

Songs by the like of Pink Floyd...

However, it's also worth thinking about 'cover' versions. If they're good songs, people will want to sing them. And whilst people have covered Another brick in the wall, none were that popular. On the other hand, Maria Carey covered Against all Odds, and it didn't do that badly in the charts. Perhaps wrongly in my opinion though...

So instead, I'm looking at Willie Nelson. Always on my mind was covered by, among other, Elvis. It's impossible to say which is best of the two version - they're both fantastic.

Talking about Elvis, can I also throw Are you lonesome tonight into the mix?

However, I think Herman Hupfield's song - as famously sung in Casablanca by Dooley Wilson might be the most covered. It's certainly the oldest (1931). And as far as I'm concerned - the best song beginning with "The letter A" (sounds a bit like Sesame Street this feature actually, doesn't it?)

But, what do you think? I've missed out a large number of tracks for good reason - either they're crap, or I can't remember them!
If you agree with As Time Goes By (or something else mentioned) cast your vote. Otherwise (and I'm sure there'll be a few), make a comment below..

If you're reading this via RSS, you might not be able to see the flash 'mixtape' with audio clips of the songs mentioned. So, for full details, I'm afraid you'll have to click though. You may also not be able to see the voting box - so two birds, one stone, click and have a look!

For a fortnight's time - and the letter "B" - suggestions for tracks greatly appreciated by e-mail. Help point out those I might have missed...


Anonymous said...

I vote for Australia by Manic Street Preachers...

Hazard said...
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Hazard said...

You missed (probably a sin to be honest) Atmosphere by Joy Division. So I've joined the 'other' massive :)