Tuesday, 27 May 2008


It’s a bit of an annual tradition. I know full well that it’s wrong – but many of us still do it. Yes, I watched the Eurovision song contest on Saturday.

OK, I didn't watch it in the alcoholic styling of a Eurovision party this year - but still had had enough wine prior to make it an acceptable way of spending an evening.

Everyone moans about the block voting. I'm not saying political voting-as it's public voting. Perhaps it's just that they enjoy the same style of music. Perhaps..... - either way, it was easy to see which country was going to get the full "douze points" from certain countries. And it meant that songs like Baila El Chiki Chiki not only got some points, but beat the British entry.

Surely it was the worst song of the final. And the singer just scared me - there was a passing resemblance to Rolf Harris of all people.

It does mean that, whilst watching the contest, you sort have two scoring systems. You pick your favourite song; and then you pick the song most likely to win considering it's geographical location. For the latter, I actually went for the Ukraine, where Ani Lorak keeps her dancers in mirrors.

I'd even say it's not a bad song. Catchy beat, quirky (see the computer beep), understandable lyrics -so I wouldn't have been that distraught if it had won.

Similarly, I think Secret Combination by the American born Greek entry could easily have won, and I did find myself shouting Qele, Qele at certain points in proceedings - so given that they were 3 of the top 4, my decision wasn't that far out.

However, that has to be balanced by the fact that I didn't like or even particular rate for voting aspects the Russian entry that, of course, eventually was the winner.

In heinsight, considering that Dima Bilan is an Eastern European celebrity, and last year's slow motion Lesbian pr0n ballad victory, I should have seen it coming.

I also thought that the Swedish entry would have got more votes from Scandinavia, given that it is most definitely dance anthemic (if that's a word).

Anyway, that's entirely different to what I liked. For some strange reason that I can't quite figure out, I didn't mind Jemini Euroband (the Icelandic entry) at all; but my favourite was Artful dodger meets Keane meets Ben's Brother Simon Mathew who was representing Denmark.

It's fairly simple, with a sing-along chorus, and is definitely much better than Lionel Richie. OK, it's not "go and buy it" material, but none of the entries ever were going to be. It's just an enjoyable tune, without pirate or geriatric rapper gimmicks (why am I not surprised the UK gave plenty of votes to Latvia?).

It's all over for another year then, with the UK entry the tail-end charlies despite what was definitely a good song.

I can now return to listening to some good music. For the good of humanity no doubt.

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Hazard said...

I'm incredibly ashamed of you! ;)