Saturday, 24 May 2008

Sometimes, there's a lot to be said about the video...

Tunes of the Week - #21

I don't normally look at B-Sides here. However, I heard this on the radio during the week and immediately fell in love with it.

It's the antithesis of pop music covers. Far too often bands like the Sugababes and Girls Aloud take a song and destroy it. So, let Look See Proof (on the Weekender Label) have as a B-Side on their Discussions single (released 26th May) a cover of a Sugababes song.
I feel obliged to mentioned Discussions itself, so have just given it a listen - and yeah, it's fine, but no more. Maybe it's a grower, but at the minute it can't be a TOTW, it's a bit samey to a lot of other stuff. Won't stop me loving to B-Side though.

I found the last video for the Mystery Jets (Young Love - TOTW13) very creative and original. Given that I loved the tune, I was looking forward to hearing Two Doors Down. When I did, I thought it was a bit cheesy to be honest. New Romantic 80s music to a tee. Mind you, it appears that they completely agree with me, looking at the video:

Showing that they know it's a pastiche takes a load of my mind, and one extra listen allowed me to enjoy bouncing around to the music. Shameless, perhaps - but I'm definitely enjoying what I'm hearing out of 21- this single out on 2nd June.

Joining the 'free download' party, Coldplay's first single from their new album Violet Hill was available free from its release on 29th April- getting full release on 6th May. At first, I wasn't a fan - my basic opinion of Coldplay is "music to commit suicide by". After time though, it's not that bad - still pretty depressive, but it does feel like it goes somewhere.

I'm glad that my "unsung" feature is actually proving successful. One of my first acts is about to release their first single, A Kiss with a fist.

OK, perhaps with the coverage on 6music that made them "Unsung" meant that Florence & Machine were pretty well guaranteed to make it to a place with wider acclaim. I think there are a lot of familiar sounds in the track. The Times Online describe Florence as "one part Kate Nash, one part angel of death." - and I think that's actually a fair summary. Her first ever single's out on 9th June, on the Moshi Moshi label.

Being busy lately, there are a few tracks I should have mentioned previously - as in they're all already out there to buy. However, they've been on the periphery of my attention recently, so deserve a quick listing:
Young Kives - Turn Tail (19th May)
Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone (11th May)
Ida Maria - Queen of the World (5th May)

Also a few quick re-mentions: the more I hear One pure thought (out now) by Hot Chip, the more I like it. It still goes through a huge number of styles, but I really like the opening - tension building, very clever. Always Right behind you (out on Monday) by the Zutons is still enjoyable - as I mentioned previously, I'll be watching them in a few weeks. And, the day after the Zutons, I'll be watching this group:

Chart blog refers to the video as a "really cute idea", and how it suits the song perfectly. They're not wrong. The song itself is atmospheric, with fantastic lyrics, and exceptionally well sung. One day Like This by Elbow is out on 2nd June


Hazard said...
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Hazard said...

I heard Kiss With A Fist on the radio last week, sounded okay enough. A friend told me she doesn't half bellow when singing live - so much so that all the lyrics get mushed.

Unfortunately I can't get over the fact that the verses musically sound just like We Are Gonna Be Friends by the White Stripes.

Hazard said...

Speaking of indie covers of pop songs - not to be left our, the Manic Street Preachers covering Rihanna's Umbrella.