Saturday, 17 May 2008

The Devil's Poison

Asp Bites' Tunes of the Week 2008 - #20

I'm mindful that next week is Eurovision week. Sadly (or perhaps thankfully), I'm away in the caravan - so won't be at a Eurovision party as was the case last year. Unless they plan something in the circuit bar - so youtube might not be safe from my dancing yet. I might, however, now that I have Musical Bites available, do a Eurovision feature if I watch the show. To get you in the mood therefore, it is worth looking at the British entry. Infinitely better than Scooch, Andy Abraham's Even if is a good song on its own merits. I like my soul - and indeed anything with a good beat - so I don't feel guilty about enjoying this. It's not overly catchy, and doesn't stand a chance of winning the ESC as we're not called Britiainia, but it would be nice if it did anyway...

I've only heard The Boat Song by Jeremy Warmsley the once, but it immediately appealed. It's being released on June 2nd as a double-A side with a cover of New Order's Temptation (there's a sample of it on his myspace, it sounds decent on its own), and it's great little ditty of a song. A bouncy little duet, but Warmsley isn't afraid to build the tension by pausing in the song. I can't actually remember the last time I heard a on the popular radio stations with a pause in it - it shows that he's not afraid to do something different. Have a listen - it'll put a smile on your face.

I've mentioned Hot Chip in the past, but so far they've never been a TOTW (looking at the nice long list). One pure thought was released last Monday, and I don't think it's as 'in your face' as some of their other tracks. Which is good, it makes pleasant background music. It also means it's less noticeable though - and it's a bit in a class of its own (See Chart Blog), so swings and roundabouts.

I could make similar comments about Radio Heart, released by the Futureheads on Monday. Perhaps with Hot Chip they're going to be bands who often get mentioned, but there's nothing "stand out" enough to make it as a TOTW. Radio Heart is, in many ways, the same as all their other stuff. It doesn't make it a bad track, and I enjoy listening to it. But that's all.

Quick honourable mentions to Guillemots (Falling out of reach) once more, and the soulful melancholy beats of Rihanna with Take a Bow (out on Monday). TOTWs though go to a couple of female artists. Again. There's a theme developing here - but I've said it before, there's lots of good female artists around at the minute.

Amy MacDonald is so good I've even bought her album. Poison Prince is out on Monday - it's energetic, well sung, harmonised - and very enjoyable. Chart Blog suggests that she's not getting a proportional amount of praise considering other female artists. Personally, I like her more than most.

I could probably exactly the same about Devil's Beat by Sandi Thom - also out on Monday. Great beat, and lyrics that at first glance don't fit the tune. I can see this style of music dropping out of favour soon - some already think it's all the same mediocrity. For me though, I'm still bouncing along to it. Therefore, it's good enough to warrant being a TOTW.

(NB - I would like to post in the official video, but Sony BMG don't want to let me or anyone else embed their videos. Bit pointless, you can just click on the link, it's not like it's stopping piracy. Go sort please!)

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