Monday, 16 June 2008

Hey hey, you you

Avril Lavigne Live, O2 Arena, 4th June 2008

Well, pre-packaged candy pop punk rock doesn't come much more sugar coated than this.

Where the pink hoodie is king, Avril reigns.

Problem is - that's not a good thing.

A chameleon of guided music executives, Avril started attacking the townie market with her first album, moved along to the slightly more sombre pseudo-goths for Under My Skin - and now, taking on the most pop influence from Blink, fused with the musical eloquence of Lolly - we have The Best Damn Thing.

Dancers (very good ones, but nonetheless, dancers) take to the stage throughout the show.

The angsty material which doesn't fit in anymore, gets washed down into an acoustic set instead. Very little from album #2 gets an airing here.

Avril plays drums briefly to show she can for Runaway - which is reduced to a single verse and chorus. This wasn't the only track (I say embarrassingly knowingly huh?) to get shrunk down - with many verses being cut in order to save time. The only confusing thing is - what on earth for? As the tracks are blasted through, Girlfriend even getting a reprise for a 1 and a half song encore - the whole thing is over in an at best just over an hour.

Well, the most established bands seem to play for longer - so maybe when she's touring in 20 years (yeah right!) she'll be touring selections from all 15 albums and on for 3 hours with triple encores!

Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend Live at the Roxy

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