Monday, 16 June 2008

Isle of Wight Festival: Live Update 3

I'm not entire sure which band this refers to. Which, I presume, is the problem:
"Up next: hoosiering for the wombats. They're all the same band"
"Oh he man references. Nostalgia gives these guys a point. Still boring generic indie pop rubbish though."

However, I'm pleased to report that Dark Sprout is not entirely grumpy and - with the final text update I received - a group was given something that definitely constituted praise.
"Mystified that james were never bigger. Such an awesome band."

Overall thoughts came as follows:
"Strangers and iggy worth price of admission alone. Good atmosphere. V Friendly. Even the rougher looking sould that some might call chavs seen on board with family atmosphere"

I look forward, as I'm sure you do too, to the full update later this week.

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