Wednesday, 11 June 2008

More from the myspace

Yet another Wednesday, and a chance to check my myspace friend request list. A selection of people wanted me to listen to their music (get a fan base going), so that's what I did.

Some I turned off after about two notes, but I didn't with censored. Unlike most 'unsung' bands I mention, they are signed and have just (ie on Monday) released their first single on the Electric Toaster Label, called Play the Game

There's nothing wrong with it as a song, however, it doesn't really strike me as incredible stuff. I sense the same chord techniques as Thunderclap (Something in the Air), and it's fine - but that's it.
Personally, I prefer some of the other tracks on their own myspace (even if I can't hear full tracks - annoying teasers). Varied styles too - In the Presence of the Lord has got strong rock roots; Lonesome Town is one of those "let's sing in an accent, tell a story" songs (but, it's far from the 'mockney' that's proliferating the airwaves at the minute), and I definitely like it and it's the stand out track for me.
Apparently, NME have billed them as "the buzz band of the Midlands", which is sufficent praise for me.
I can sense that if things take off, I will grow to like them more and more (I couldn't stand the Arctic Monkeys to start with, now I'm a great fan) - so on the basis that I like them more than a bit at the minute, there's hope out there.

Page 44 have also had praise from NME. "...With a barrel-load of soaring pop hooks, the foursome manage to be emotive without descending into farcial emo" is the starting point. They've won the Birmingham Carling Supports competition - against certain tough competition. Add a TV performance - but they're still unsigned. I can't help but missing something here that these guys haven't been signed after that, whilst James Blunt is so successful... (Although, if it was down to me, I'd have signed a mutilated cat above James Blunt as it would sound better, so maybe that's not much praise).
Personally, I'm afraid to say it's not my cup of tea. I bit too close to rock for my liking. But, that's not to say it's not good. In fact, it's very good. It's not annoyingly predictable stuff - each song is different (so much so that I like With or Without You, and To Make you proud is a brilliant example of a piece changing rhythm, style, tempo - but not in a cheesy Eurovision way. So what I wouldn't but an album, I'm sure there's enough people that will. Not only are they better than that diminutive former soldier, but it really is a travesty that they're not signed. They're myspace says they're after Management and label representation. If I had the time guys, I'd be happy to help!

Finally, a request from some 'mates' of my 'friends' Air Traffic (although I have actually had a conversation with Jim Maddock, doubt he'd remember me though), it's Saturdays & Sundays. They seem to be sort-of-partially signed for their single releases, and have supported various high-profile acts, so have distinct credibility.
Brilliantly, they tick my favourite box of "different". The lead single on their myspace, Smile is really innovative. The chorus is almost in a different style to the rest of the piece, but fits will and is a catchy refrain that I think will stick for a while.
Another stand out track (yes, they've got more than one) is Seen the light, with a frantic quirky verse building up to a sing-along refrain - not forgetting a randomly inserted guitar solo that actually fits in well.
Overall, I enjoyed listening to the entire 'album' that is a myspace playlist. Familiar enough to appeal to the masses, yet different enough not to be thrown in a box with so many other artists. Which I think is the mix everyone should be striding towards.


censored. said...

nice one about the blog. really appreciate that and your views, its honest! Sorry about teasers. Its the record label and with so much piracy takin place...thats what we've had to do. :(

Nice one with Lonesome Town.

Chris G

Winston's Zen said...

I saw Censored myself at Lumiarie a while back. They weren't at all bad, you know.

Have you heard
White Sunday?

I'm just about to add you to my Google reader!

Love the blog. Very inspiring.