Sunday, 15 June 2008

Isle of Wight Festival: Live Updates

Fellow LPC course mate Dark Sprout is presently down on that small island off the South coast of England for the Isle of Wight Festival. He has been very kindly providing me with text updates (21st century and all that) for the purposes of placing on this here blog.

It's certainly proved to be an interesting experiment, but, hey, I said I'd do it. All I do need to say is that if you're offended by strong language, stop reading now. I also feel that it would be appropriate to make a classic statement that you often see in publication - The views expressed in this post are those of the contributor themselves, and not necessarily those of Asp Bites as a whole. In fact, I quite like the Wombats:

Oh god the wombats are shit. Oh so shit. So very shit.

The hoosiers need a healthy dose of death.

Kt Tunstal is trying her best to get the crowd going bless her, but drunk as i am i can't help not giving a shit. Bring on the stranglers. She's not bad she's just so boring.

Mrs zuton is sex on legs. You can tell she'd be a demon in bed.

Hopefully, this post will provide Dark Sprout with the motivation required to make a full post upon his return expanding on these, erm, detailed points - and also hopefully letting us know how the Strangers actually were on the Friday night in the end as well as any other bands he can remember.

Meanwhile, I'll be able to give my own opinion on KT Tunstall after I've seen her in concert tonight - the crowd should be a very different mix so I'm optimistic she will succeed where she failed two days ago!

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