Saturday, 21 June 2008

Isn't it annoying...

Tunes of the Week #25

... when tunes are made popular  because of TV talent shows (which I've mentioned elsewhere that I hate). Often, when a song is featured in a TV advertisement, it's jet propelled up the charts. Strangely with Mint Royale's remix of Singing in the Rain, I can't remember it doing exceptionally well in the charts after advertising a VW Golf. Since a teenager with nothing better to do has spun on his head under a bucket of water to it, it's at the top of the charts. Go figure. Still, it's an interesting and inventive adaptation, so I can't hold anything the tune itself. Just a shame how it's got to the top.

...when an artist you can't stand has a collaboration with an artist who you actually think is pretty good, resulting in this:

Dance Wiv Me is a rap tune out on the 7th July. I really can't stand "Dizzee Rascal", he can't even spell. But that Calvin Harris chorus is (like most of his music) extremely addictive, and memorable just after one listen. As a result, I just can't get the tune out of my head. It's wrong, I know - but finding myself 'bopping' along to it means it must be good enough for a TOTW.

... when an overly pop band keep producing catchy little number. The Feeling are a prime example, whose latest Turn it Up is released digitally on the 30th June, and in hard copy on the 7th July. It is a bit cheesy pop, and some of the rhymes are nothing short of diabolical ("Like you see in the papers / That you read on escalators"), but it's still nothing short of catchy.

... when you don't quite finish an album review, in which you were going to say how much you love Standing next to me, when it starts getting airplay as the next single and is an obvious choice for TOTW

I think that Standing next to me was actually the second song I heard from the Last Shadow Puppets (in an acoustic style), and a lot of the praise I levelled at Age of the Understatement (TOTW12) is still applicable to the new single due for release on 7th July. The harmonies, the combination of the voices, the classic style - I can't praise the creativeness enough, and am enamored by their talents. I'll save myself from saying more though, as I am going to get the review of The Age of the Understatement done shortly and want to save myself things to say there.

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