Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Letter C

In the "Different playlist every fortnight with a common theme" we're up to the letter C.

And I'm pleased that I'm able to mention one of my favourite bands for the first time - The Smiths. I've often said that "Everyone goes through a Smiths Phase" when Morrissey's lyrics start to appeal, and Johnny Marr's guitar driven tunes match them perfectly. So, This Charming Man was destined to be mentioned - and I'm sure it won't be the last as we work our way though the alphabet.

Another legendary name is The Big "O". Crying is much covered (including the KD Lang duet with Roy Orbison himself in 1987), and a frequent appearance in lists of "Greatest songs of all time".

After those two though, I think it's essential to cheer things up a bit. I can't think of anyone better to do that than the Beach Boys; and talking about California - if you're not there, you can dream about it with the Mamas and the Papas. California Dreamin' is again frequently covered and well rated, it would be an offence not to mention it.

Candle in the Wind also is very highly rated - yet unlike most in just charts, it's rarely covered. Which is fair enough, given the emotive content and personal sentiments of both versions by Elton Song.

Final two to mention - famous electronica of Gary Numan; and a song that (apologies for lowering the tone) will now for me ever be associated with a comedian's reference to the story of musical condoms, and wondering if it would be an appropriate tune to be incorporated in certain circumstances...


As ever, if you think I've missed something, make a comment - if it's good, I'll add it onto the playlist.

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Hazard said...

Wow - I gave you a list of a dozen and you used the worst one of them.

And you probably already know you've cheated. This Charming Man begins with a T!

So I opt for Coma, Girlfriend in

Asp said...

I took the executive decision that if I put every "The" and "This" under T, that would be one very long shortlist, so I discount them. My feature, my rules :p

However, I must owe you an apology, as I forgot to find time after our discussion to update the post.

So, just for you (and that I would have done anyway), I've added the best two of your suggestions to the mixtape. In my opinion at any rate.