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Tunes of the Week '08 - #26

Just last week I was talking about tunes made famous by adverts. It's completely fair to say that Hummingbird by Born Ruffians falls exactly into the camp. Originally released last October, it's now getting a fair amount of airplay ready for a re-release on 7" on the 7th July. Would this have happened if it wasn't for a certain mobile phone advert? Probably not - which is a shame as it is actually a very enjoyable track. OK, we're all waiting for the ending of it now as that's we bit know, but it's fast and furious right up until there. Reminds me a lot of Vampire Weekend in terms of style, and as they're not doing bad for themselves, it's a good sign.

I've been wondering what Paris is Burning by Ladyhawke reminded me of for a while - thankfully Chartblog came up with the answer - it's Gary Numan's Cars. But only the verses. Quite weird, but enjoyable nevertheless. Out on the 30th.

Rihanna is an artist I don't think I should like. After all, her Umbrella[-ella-ella] was one of those plainly annoying songs. However, her songs are quite addictive, and her latest collaboration with Maroon 5 (who are a band I appear to have missed recently - a long absence from the highly successful "Songs about Jane"), If I never see your face again fits the mould of those toe-tapping melodies. It was released at the start of the month, but is still worth a belated mention.

Another song I should have mentioned some time ago is the new single from the new album by Paul Weller. Have you mind up your mind has been around for ages, but it's taken a while to grow enough and enjoy it enough to warrant a mention.

Geraldine has been mentioned a couple of times on this blog already. It therefore seems like it's been around for ages, but actually was only released last Monday. And I think in the last week it's just had enough airplay, including a live session on Twinkle and Rufhulme Radcliffe and Maconie, to really hit home. I know that singing in an accent is very much the latest trend, but the strength of "My name is Geraldine / I'm your social worker" does give the lyrics that extra edge. It is a fantastic song, and whilst I might be a bit late with making it a TOTW, I'm sure Glasvegas won't mind too much.

Coldplay keep getting mentioned here too, and their new album has been getting a bit of airplay, particularly the title track of Viva La Vida. My feelings on Coldplay are fairly well known - more depressive than the Smiths. But Viva La Vida isn't that, it's dramatic and well orchestrated. I'm hoping it'll be the next single.

Just time for a few quick mentions before I 'unveil' the second TOTW (I hope you like the dramatic tension. No? Oh well, tough)

The Kooks - Shine On (7th July) - Middle Class Indie-pop I know, but with a friendly enough tune.

Beck - Chemtrails - a bit psychedelic, but when the new album's been produced by Dangermouse, it's no surprise that it's got such excellent production values to make it appealing

Man Like Me - Carny (28th July) - Natasha's last Record of the Weekend, and could easily be the sound you hear on the beaches if we get a summer. It's got that summer sound, sadly in Britain that doesn't always count for much.

My Morning Jacket - Touch Me I'm going to scream (Part 2) - Long title, long song (8 minutes for the full version if you click on the link). Starts a bit like Duran Duran, then goes a bit electronic. Still decent.

Those Dancing Days - Run Run (7th July) - Enjoyable Swedish Girl Indie Pop. A strange description, but distinctly different to anything else out there.

So, to counter the distinctly Scottish 1st TOTW, it's only fair to look at another part of our proud United Kingdom - Wales

Gruff Rhys - best known for his part in the Super Furry Animals and then also his (strongly) Welsh language solo work - has collaborated with Boom Rip to form Neon Neon. I've mentioned some songs in the past (notably I lust you, but the strangely titled I told her on Alderaan (14th July) is particularly enjoyable. It's sort of futuristic (Alderaan being, for the benefit of non Stay Wars fans, is Princess Leia), with that electronic tune matching that - but also reasurringly retro in a bizarre way. I don't think I'm describing it right to be honest, all I know for sure is that I really like it. So, that's good enough for me...

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