Sunday, 15 June 2008

Spirit / Spiteri - Anagram week?

TOTW 2008 - '24

It's a case of getting straight on with the show today. There'll be plenty of introduction and waffle in my gig reviews from The Zutons and Elbow (that I'll try and write today before I forget to publish over the week) and KT Tunstall (which I'm going to this afternoon, reducing time a bit then...). So:

Black Kids are a previous TOTW, and Hurricane Jane is their latest, due out 23rd June. Nice contrast between the verse and the chorus, however, I think that the verse is a bit lacklustre and lacking in a real tune. A shame, the chorus is brilliant.

I'm going to be mention The Rascals in an album review shortly - Miles Kane of course now perhaps better known as the other half of The Last Shadow Puppets. I think it's fair to say that Freakbeat Phantom is going to be their first 'major' launch on Monday, and it's very interesting to compare it to both LSP and the Arctic Monkeys. Kane's voice is the same harshness as Alex Turner, and you can see how it amalgamates with Turner's own writings in the 'Monkeys albums to create Age of the Understatement. Similar - but different. Familiar - but original. Nice mix.

Cage the Elephant - brilliant name for a band. Ain't no rest for the wicked is out on Monday, with a wonderful twist of combining blues guitar with a funky beat. Fraser McAlpine suggests that it's a bit 90s - yes it is, but it's a good tune, so who's to moan?

You might not believe me, but Melee are not Keane. Built to Last works to try and show otherwise, which really is their downfall as a band. It's a thoroughly decent and enjoyable song. But it's almost a pure copy to me, out on July 14th.

Hazard has already talked about Geraldine by Glasvegas, so there's little for me to add apart from to agree with him that it's a great song, and worthy of TOTW mention, due out on the 23rd.

Can't go back (14th July release) I consider an ironic title by Primal Scream. What can't they go back to? They've been around for ages, so they are back in a way. Am I making sense? I'll shut up then, and show a couple of videos instead.

My Sunken Treasure is an interesting one. The Duke Spirit's lead singer, Liela Moss, seems to be talking her way through through the verse, but it builds very nicely into a great chorus. It's a bonus little number, and was actually released on June 9th. I blame exams for missing it before today, it's well worth being a TOTW.

We all know Sharleen Spiteri, lead singer from Texas. However, this single All the Times I cried is now launching her as a solo artist. I can't help but sensing that with the brass instrumentalisation, she's jumping onto the neo-soul (yes, I have just invented that word) band wagon of Amy Winehouse and Duffy. Although, that doesn't bother me in the slightest, as I love such neo-soul, and it's a great tune. A bit melancholy, and I'm not the greatest fan of the video (have a watch of this from Later... instead), but it's nicely soothing - out on July 7th.

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