Tuesday, 17 June 2008

In Concert: KT Tunstall

Final night of the Delamere Forest Tour, and from the previous reviews I think you'll have found a common theme - that you might not know all the songs performed.

For Tom Baxter, supporting KT Tunstall, it was worse - with only really one known song. Miracle is (I think still) on various radio station playlists, and thankfully is a very good song.

Other than that, it was a total voyage into the unknown. Which perhaps made it even more pleasing. The entire concert was at a totally different pace to previous evenings, and the mellowness of Baxter matched the picnics perfectly.

Things weren't annoyingly dreary either, a bit of enthusiasm being shown in the occasional song getting a bit more enthusiastic atmosphere. I'm sure it has to be a certain style of event to suit Baxter's music - but the boxes were ticker, and the mood was built perfectly.

Leading us nicely to KT Tunstall herself. I think there might have been one I didn't recognise - that was probably it. Tunstall plays to the crowd with an exceptional talent, ensuring everyone young and old was body popping to Hold On. She really did talk to the crowd, giving a bit of history behind Black Horse and Cherry Tree - it made it worth more than just listening to some music.

The set itself was wonderfully diverse, even if I'm not entirely sure how many guitars a girl needs - she seemed to change every other song! Beyond the rousing end of Suddenly I See to the 3-song encore of perhaps lesser known songs (including Universe & U), there's no doubt that everyone had a really good time and was enthralled in the music. I also think that the venue really suited Tunstall (and Baxter) more than the other acts - performing in a forest really is a brilliant idea, and I am very tempted to return next year, depending on the acts of course.

I finish my reviews with the same song that the weekend as a whole finished off, and the same comment that KT made - this song isn't about you. I hope, here's I don't want you now.

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