Saturday, 1 August 2009

Kendal Calling: Night 1

With what can only be described as predictable irony, as I set off to see the one band I quite fancied of the night (Fight Like Apes) we stumbled across a drugged-up punter, and by the time I'd sorted him out the "We are calling" stage had concluded for the night. So, musical highlights were fairly slim pickings I'm afraid.

Couple of bands worth a mention though - first of all Out from Animals. I knew from hearing them away from the tent that it was the sort of music that I like - very loud, drum heavy music that sounds absolutely brilliant live. Sometimes it then means that I don't like the studio edits, but having a quick listen to some of the other songs I'm pleased to report that's not the case. Potentially one to keep an eye on.

Then, after many of the stages (save for the dance tent, which was nothing sort of torture whilst subjected to that) had shut down I went to the Keylied (folk) stage. There was an excellent band on, which a crazy fiddle player and a lead singer who didn't sound that dissimilar to James Blunt, but only occasionally so it's not a bad thing for once. Butterfly was a good song, but I completely loved New York Trader. I recognised it somehow or from somewhere - maybe another folk festival I've been to this year, maybe an advert - but it was definitely memorable. Easy to sing along with, catchy, all great.

Unfortunately, looking at my timetable (which was much changed), it's not the band who were due on that stage at that time, so must have been the famous person "Special Guest". And no amount of googling has helped so far.

I will try harder tonight. Promise.

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