Thursday, 20 August 2009

V2009: Preview

image Next weekend is V then - and I'm please to report that, as last year, Hazard will be assisting as the "hub" for remote posting throughout the weekend (I still can't convince my phone to let me blog from the site); and I'll be giving a full report in due course thereafter (but not immediately, because I'll be going straight on my summer holidays)

Regular readers will know from my previous years at V that I don't know what I'm going to be doing until I get there, or (more importantly for this blog) where I'm going to be. I may be allocated to a stage or just in a general public enclosure. Either way, I'll be nearer one stage than any others, and won't have the complete flexibility as I did at Kendal Calling to go and explore another stage because there's a good band.

Thankfully, being V, there's a brilliant range of talent on all stages. So, it's more a case of "when do I want to arrange my lunch break not to miss if I'm in the area and hope not to get any patients at that time".

On that list is:

V Stage - Killers, The Specials; Oasis, James

4Music  - The Ting Tings, The Noisettes; Keane, Athlete

The Arena - Calvin Harris, Happy Mondays; MGMT, The Human League, Ben's Brother

Virgin Media Union - Alphabeat, V V Brown; Mystery Jets, One Eskmi0

I'm sure that I'll be able to report on at least two of the above, and hopefully a very many more. Watch this space as it happens for details.

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