Sunday, 30 August 2009

Would you like some pop ladies?

Rock festivals are all around at the moment, but no one seems to be releasing anything - so I thought I'd focus on the sophomore solo efforts of ladies who used to be in other bands.

The first is Frou Frou's Imogen Heap - as normal, thrown into fame and stardom by a vocal only effort called Hide and Seek appearing on US TV show of no real note, The OC.

She famously re-mortgaged her house to record her debut album, Speak For Yourself. She managed to land the lead song on the end credits of Disney's Narnia movie. She now releases another layered vocal effort as the first single off of her new album, Ellipse.

Imogen Heap - First Train Home

Runner up. Irish singer who won't let her accent be hidden, Dolores O'Riordan. Taking the odd approach of including one of the songs from her first solo album on her new album, No Baggage - albeit slightly revamped (in a - this song is good, you WILL hear it - style of hissy fit?). Dolores, former singer with the Cranberries - just does what she does best - as an album, it's more like the Cranberries than her first, you'd almost not notice the difference.

Debut single The Journey is probably the most individual track, it's fairly catchy - you can't sing along to it unless you're Irish though.

Dolores O'Riordan - The Journey

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