Sunday, 2 August 2009

Kendal Calling : Night 2

So, with The Zutons headlining - who from the one or two songs I heard from walkabout were once again very good but I have been there before, so instead some other bands to touch upon, all of whom I think I've mentioned at some point in the past in this blog.

Frank Turner played to a packed out Keyleid Stage. The Ballad of Me & My Friends is one I've heard before, somewhere (I love these mysteries), and sounded just as good live as I hoped. Turner may have a potty mouth between the songs, but with some almost acoustic numbers (save for crowd participation) his talents as a his musician cannot be called into question.

Later, over on the We are Calling stage, Chewlips also packed 'em out - including me and some other Johnnies (well, it was raining). It was very bass heavy, as you can feel the beat through your abdomen. Throughout the set, I was thinking "I recognise this music" and "they sound very like that band that sung the song that goes ''We don't wanna wait there's no time, no time no ". That sung is obviously called Solo, and then there was the final number. Oh... Sorry, but the brain hasn't been properly functioning over the weekend!

It ended up being an intimate setting, and cracking singing from Tigs made it a really enjoyable and surprise set.

Another surprise was Casio Kids, who I often get tracks off to listen to but have never been overly enamoured with them. However, it's very apparent that they are a "Live band". A wide selection of instruments (including the famous cowbell) from the Norweigan group got the Keyleid stage going just after midnight. It was almost chill-out, but clear that the band were hard at work. Vendens storste land sounded particuarly great coming live. Maybe this served as the catalyst to get me properly interested in the guys.

I've got to add - all of these 3 groups had sell-out crowds, and none are "huge" names in the way that the Zutons are. Music awareness is growing round here, and well done to everyone who got away from the main stages to discover what else is on offer at the festival.

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