Sunday, 30 August 2009

V-Blog: The other bits

Well, V finished almost exactly one week ago, and now I'm back from France I can tell you all about it. Except, as you might have guessed from the lack of numerous posts (to which I once again have to thank Hazard), what I warned could happen did happen and my view of any stages wasn't the greatest.

Still, of those bands on my "would like to see" list, whilst I didn't see that many I did catch the odd song from plenty - even if it was just hearing them from afar. The Noisettes were nice and racy; The Killers sounded as brilliant as I would have hoped; Mystery Jets were raucous; Athlete sounded pretty good.

The big shame is that, in not really watching one set in any great detail (save for the fabulous Specials), I can't really say who was brilliant - it really is a case of being one thing listening, and another seeing. To an extent, I can listen on the radio... It also means that (save for Dizzee Rascal) no-one struck me as being particularly crap (and I think Dizzee Rascal is mainly a question of personal taste as the crowd seemed to be loving it).

So, sadly not much to report on this blog - but it was still a cracking event and with any luck I'll be back once again next year.

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