Saturday, 15 August 2009

TOTW33: Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning

Quite a tricky one this week actually. Even the dreaded re-release (in this case, Wild Young Hearts by the Noisettes) has been regularly appearing in my mind and made it to the shortlist. Daniel Merriweather is continuing with his very soulful period, and Impossible has got that persistent funky accompaniment to add to the unique vocal sound.

At the end of the day though, it came between two. Twenty Two by Lily Allen is very distinctive, and with that predictable conflict between a bouncy tune and depressive lyrics. I'm just hoping that my life isn't already over at 24 either.

TOTW though, I've talked about before, and can't add much. It is clearly an evolution from the previous two albums - it's got the dischordant "wooziness" (as Fraser McAlpine defines it), and yet is still really powerful and dramatic.

Oh, and do you reckon that everyone barr Matt could seriously do with a trip to barbers?

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