Saturday, 29 August 2009

Remi Nicole - Cupid Shoot Me

image The second album from another soulful singer on the Island Label (vaguely familiar routine there then) is out on Monday - but what makes Remi Nicole stand out from what is becoming a very busy genre (particularly with stablemate Amy Winehouse)?

Well, all 11 tracks on the album have been written by Ms Nicole, and when I first listened to a quick sample of the album I was quite dissapointed. They lacked the certain "oopmh" and really catchy chorus of Standing Tears Apart (the first single, out now). Thankfully, it was a grower - I think what the problem was the initial shock of such a varied range of sounds in a short time frame. In retrospect though, it shows great variety and creativity from a young singer-songwriter.

Cupid Shoot Me, the title track, is especially soulful and perhaps a bit 60s with the chorus (Happy Days anyone?). Nice Boy is guitar lead and "shoo-woddy" - with a wonderful catchy beat. Whereas Come Find Me is the slow and melancholy one that every album has. And, if anything, Love You so is somewhere towards Rockabilly!

Thankfully, after getting used to all the differences, I'm able to say that yes, they are all good tracks. The diversity does actually mean that you won't get bored from the album - and with a wonderful voice, harmonies, and memorable tunes, there's nothing to get bored of in any event.

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