Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Unsung: Girls

If I said to you Lust for Life, the latest single by Girls wouldn't be what you had in mind. Mind you, from the band name, you wouldn't be expecting two San Franciscans called Christopher and "JR", would you? The first song I heard from the band was the wonderfully grumbling Hellhole Ratrace.

A bit like a non-Scottish Glasvegas, the song seems to drone on in a dreary fashion - which I appreciate sounds very negative but isn't meant to be, it's a character of the song. The bit I am going to say that's negative though is that it does drone on for a little too long - 6 minutes is an overly long song and you do get the feeling it could end much earlier than it does.

Solitude suffers no such problem though, and with the simple accompaniment is perhaps the easiest place to listen to the carefully chosen lyrics of the songs - themes of heartbreak clearly coming from some of the songs as Christopher Owens admits was a source of inspriation. Lust for Life is completely different from the other two I've had the opportunity to listen to - a bit crazier in terms of both lyrics, tune, and definitely video. All in all, it's what I'd best describe as a very "tempting" start - and one to listen to for the future.

Lust for Life is out on 7 Sept, with the debut album imaginatively entitled "Album" following on the 28th over here in Europe.

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