Monday, 17 August 2009

One EskimO - Givin' Up

I've already mentioned One EskimO once here, and I'm sure there's going to be plenty more mentions to come - with enough luck I'll go to watch them at V this year, there's a delayed album review to post just in time for the delayed album launch in September, and they're definitely turning to one of my favourite bands of the year - if slightly "underground" (in the sense as not mainstream yet, as opposed to a style of music). One track that isn't on the album though is Givin' Up - it was meant to be, but an internet leak got it "out there" in April of this year, and the Don Diablo mix was then made available as a free download in June. Like all remixes though, there's more than just the one - in fact I have 3 available as a free download here (together with the original for comparison purposes). I've never really understood remixes - and whilst the original is as good as it is, it's often a pointless exercise. Personally, I feel that the Zero T remix is a bit like something I'd find on a computer game... The original is dreamy and tuneful, with a powerful (whist not annoyingly loud) chorus. And, with this in mind, I really do actually like to Don Diablo remix. It's only a slight twist - more electonic (obviously) - maybe even a bit Muse-like, a bit of a faster feel to it. Just a bit more get up and go, but no so much to be unfaithful to the roots of the song. Anyway, have a listen, and shout out if you have further comments.

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